hi, I'm Adam.

Coding is not just a career, it's a lifelong journey.

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Inspired, Dedicated and Reliable

I've always been in the tech world since a young age. At the local computer store learning and exploring new things all the way until now in my current role as a freelance developer. I really enjoy coding in many languages from desktop application languages like C# to web development with NodeJS and React.

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Youtube Search App

React App that takes advantage of the YouTube API to search videos and display a video for playback on the screen.

Twitch Streaming Clone

A Twitch clone that takes advantage of React, Redux as well as a JSON and RTMP backend server to deliver video streams.


MyEZBudget is a ledger style budget that enables you to quickly view what you have while also projecting where you will be.


MyFitClient is a wordpress blog for fitness, wellness and health topics.


Freelance Developer

Projects based on NodeJS and React as well as some C# desktop applications.

Desktop Support Team Lead

Lead a team of desktop technicians. Oversee projects for clients and the company. Building scripts to simplify the workflow and job functions. Maintain and update 300+ endpoints with software, updates etc. Build relationships with clients and other departments within the company.

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