Top 10 Most Pirated Software Applications of 2022

Quite a few years ago, I wrote a blog post about the most pirated software applications. I was curious about what had changed over the years. To my surprise, not much it seems. Software Piracy, the act of obtaining and using software that the user does not own a license to. Pirated Software has been […]

Queue Data Structure in Java

Imagine standing in line at your favorite coffee shop, as you progress through the line, you move from the back to the front. Finally reaching the counter, getting your coffee and leaving the shop as a satisfied customer. This is a real-life representation of a queue. Queues operate on the first in first out principle, […]

Stack Data Structure in Java

What is a Stack? There are many different types of data structures that can be used in programming, a stack being one. What is a stack? A stack is a last in first out type of data structure, also known as LIFO. Think of a stack like you are stacking books on a table, one […]

Kruskals Algorithm – Minimum Spanning Tree

Before describing what Kruskals Algorithm is, let’s first explain what a spanning tree and minimum spanning tree are, as these are important concepts to understand. Imagine a graph like the one above, inside this graph, there are many spanning trees. But what exactly is a spanning tree? A spanning tree is a tree that includes […]